April 30, 2017

Character Design: Concepts/Models

One of our favorite things to develop as a team are new heroes/characters for games. We love coming up with hundreds of crazy ideas at our desks for the next guy/girl who will enter the environment! “Give them 5 eyes!”, “They should breathe fire”! We love all of it! Now, some may never make it into a client’s game, but its a crazy adventure along the creative process!

We have assembled an amazing team of artists and 3D modelers to bring any idea to life. Below you will see samples of our process from concept art sketches of ideas to final 3D models, even a video clip of these models injected into the game as playable characters!

Have an idea for a 3D model/Hero/Character for your project? Contact us today and speak to our team!


Hero: “Dr. Necrys” from Mission: FPS (

See this hero 3D Model here:

Our 3D Portfolio:


“Dr. Necrys” early B&W Sketches



Concept Art: “Dr. Necrys”



Dr. Necrys’s gun “Needles”



Concept Art: “Dr. Necrys” & his gun “Needles”



“Dr. Necrys” Promotional Banner: Kickstarter



See this hero 3D Model here:

Our 3D Portfolio:

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