May 30, 2017

Hot Steel & Fire: Creating Content for Youtube’s #2 BBQ Channel!

About a year ago, our team was contacted by Greg from Youtube’s “Ballistic BBQ” He currently runs the #2 ranked BBQ channel on YouTube and has over 170,000 subscribers! Greg was looking to beef up his brand with something amazing! Something to capture the feeling of hot steel and fire! Something to give his viewers a feeling that would match the words Ballistic, with his cooking/grilling style. We were thrilled that Greg chose our team to handle his brand!  We had a blast!

Fun Fact: Our designs have been viewed over 500,000 times on Greg’s channel and still counting everyday!

Below are details about content we created for his channel over the past year! Enjoy!

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Original Intro for Ballistic BBQ: This was our first project with Greg. It was our mission to make this intro as epic as possible while incorporating the feel of flying through a hot grill as it was cooking. Embers and flames brushing your shoulders as your made your way to the grill!


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Alternate Intro for Ballistic BBQ (Currently In Use): Here is the alternate intro we created for Greg’s channel. Many of his viewers thought the above (first) intro was a little too long. Many were eager to get right to Greg’s cooking and requested a remake. Something shorter, but still cool! We went back to the drawing board and picked Greg’s brain. What else would he love to see on his videos that could properly introduce his amazing food? Bingo! ROBOT/FIRE/WOOD! Oh yeah! Our team created a quicker way to get to his videos incorporating a bad to the bone Terminator style robot arm busting through a wooden wall! It doesn’t get more epic than that! Enjoy!


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Exit Animation for Ballistic BBQ: With the addition of the new intros for his channel, Greg also needed a cool way to end his videos. A cool animation that would bring the call to action for users to subscribe as well as thank them for viewing his content. Keeping with the wood/hot fire/steel theme, we could only think of one way to end these videos. Flamethrower! In the below sample, you will see our take on the most epic way to cook a burger (at least in our offices), a Flamethrower on a slab of wood! Enjoy!


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