June 3, 2017

Survival Games: Weapons

Some of the hottest titles in the indie game scene right now are Survival. Games that place you stark naked in the woods armed a rock and a will to live! As a game development company, we had to jump in head first! We are currently developing a survival game for release next year. See below for the first two weapons we are adding to the title.

Homemade Machine Gun: Made from nails, metal pipe, broken wood shanks and random sink parts, this bad boy fires 5.56 caliber incendiary armor piercing rounds! Perfect for complete ownage of anyone coming near your base!



Survival Knife: Created from random wood and metal parts, this fellow can carve a hole in someone large enough to pitch a dog through! With the additional rust on the blade, tetanus is another outcome of anyone unfortunate enough to be on the other end!

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