July 25, 2017

Concept Cars: Big Kids Making Cool Stuff!

We are a team of car lovers! Motorheads all around! When our owner, Daren Copely, mentioned that we would start designing cars for gaming titles, we went nuts! Every kids dream is to actually make a car with guns and flames and oil slick…etc. You name it, all of us at some point wanted a Bond style car in our toy collection!

With the addition of our Concept Car division now in place at Tipping Toast Media, we get to create the coolest, most bad ass designs for clients who have always wanted that exotic car with an optional flamethrower and wet bar!

The inaugural design for our new division was the Copely “NEO”! This was a 5 month project of planning, sketching and 3D modeling. The true test of our division to make beautiful vehicles! We nailed it! Check it out below!




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