January 10, 2018

Animation and Character Design: Rigging for Success!

Our team has created hundreds of 3D models and realistic animations over the years! We have built some of the coolest environments in the digital development industry. But, how is it all done? When you see one of our characters move or interact with their world, how did this happen? Well, this post is a sneak peek into what it takes to create 3D models and bring them to life!

Here are a few recent project samples. In order to make a 3D model move, you must “Rig” the model. The model requires an internal skeleton to be manipulated in order to make the structure come alive! The video below is one of our rigging sessions in the new Eskape titles we are launching in 2018!


The Process: Rigging for Movement




The Product: Post Rigging Animation

The rigging you see in the above video is very time consuming. Here is another video to show you what the above rigging produced! This was all for a Hunting Sequence we will be using in our new gaming title! Enjoy!


The Character: Where he goes from here! 

Every character has an eventual home. This dragon will be joining our Eskape title in late 2018 as the main enemy in our Dragon Hunter series. Below is a bit of info on where this big boy can be found and how you can have the chance to play against him!





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