January 31, 2018

Character Development: Concept to Delivery!

There is no question that a good set of concept sketches can get the mental juices flowing during development! Mapping out how a new character will look prior to the project is a must. Should they have a large head? How about a small hat? Big feet? Sharp sword? All of these questions get answered in this phase!

 See our hero in action:

See how it’s done! 
Below are snap shots of one of our latest characters! See how we put together a scene and make the hero come to life! As you scroll down, you will see how we assemble the feel! Enjoy!

One of our upcoming titles is set in space. Our client needed to feel that futuristic vibe while also grabbing a hold of the very popular post war theme! 

New World: Front View

Final Graphic! 


New World: Rear View


Final Graphic! 

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