B-17 Fighter & Nose Art

This graphic was entirely hand drawn. Custom yo! We have attached dev concepts to show how this project progressed in the studio.

This was a cool project we created for one of our favorite clients, Greg from “Ballistic BBQ”. Greg is a fan of the vintage posters of past wars. The pin-up style nose art from when men flew into battle with their ladies by their side!
We put extra special care into each rivet, slight dent/scratch in the metal and the overall shine/lighting of the plane as it is parked in the airfield. The feeling that this guy went to battle a few times for his country.
Fun Fact: In war, the fighters always marked their missions with images such as planes or bombs. The more images you saw, meant the amount of missions flown. Greg is a BBQ guy, so we marked his missions with Burgers. (mid left of image)

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