Publishing: Daring Dexter & The Fat Cat

This was an amazing project for all of us in the studio with kids! We created a new character and his first adventure. Dexter was our client’s rescue Yorkie. This little guy was a little trouble maker, but had the biggest heart. They wanted to share this little man with the world and asked our team to help!

We provided illustrations, story boarding, publication in print and on Amazon. We also built them a beautiful website and set up payment systems for them to make secure sales with their series.

Fun Fact: The house image in the main cover (attached here) was the actual owners house and the street that is shown in the first adventure is their actual street.

We are currently working on the second installment of the Daring Dexter series. We have attached a sneak peek of Dex’s new look on this page. Check out his new hat.

Dex’s Website:
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New Dexter book to be launched mid 2017